New Year

Happy New Year! Yes it is the 12th January and I am only now broaching the subject of  New Year… say what? Well … the first week back was a bit of a haze of post New Year tiredness, end of school holidays and a crazy amount of rain!! I had the joy of being up in Aberdeen last week and it didn’t really feel like a fresh start with all that flooding.

Yesterday was actually the first day that I felt like it was a new chapter.  As I walked Mr Dog I suddenly felt like there was a proper spring in my step.  I was sunny, it was warm and for the first day in goodness knows how many weeks there was no rain. #hellobluesky.  I am fairly sure that my trip to Gleneagles Spa at the weekend also had something to do with my over brimming joie de vivre. (Blog to follow this week).  So, here is to 2016 dear reader, Let’s make it fabulous! … come rain, hail or shine.

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