Wendy Stirling – Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five

There is a lot of “green-washing” in the beauty market, however there are so many great brands who are bringing truly natural and organic products to the consumer. At the same time they are helping us, as consumers, understand why buying clean and green beauty products are the way forward and what impact synthetic and chemical products have on our bodies and indeed our environment. One of these brands is the award winning Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare. Founded over a decade ago, Botanicals are Soil Association Certified and I pleased to have their founder Wendy Stirling answering the Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five.

1) What would you love to find under the Christmas Tree or in your Stocking this year?
A song written by my eldest daughter who’s a budding musician and a poem written by my youngest daughter who’s pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer

2) Do you have any top tips to keep us looking stunning over the festive season?
Get out for lots of fresh air, stay hydrated and try not to over-indulge on alcohol and sugar-laden Christmas goodies!  

3) What 3 products can you not live without? 

Earl Grey tea, mineral water and Botanicals organic Facial Serum.

4) Best bit of 2015 and what are you looking forward to most about 2016

Best bit about 2015 – sharing my daughter’s joy at achieving her A Level grades and getting into her chosen university.  Looking forward – introducing more people to the benefits of Botanicals and spreading the message that ‘organic is best’.

5) My New Year’s Resolution is …… make my weekly yoga classes a priority, rather than something I try to fit in when time allows!  I love my job! It’s so exciting owning a brand and seeing it grow in recognition but it does absorb a great deal of my time.


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