Vervain SOS Spray by Viridian

So it starts a little like this …. it is November, everything is under control, Christmas shopping is started and then you get floored for a couple weeks with an illness. Et Voila it is now fast approaching the key part of December and you are getting back on your feet slowly and realise that you have so much to do in the next few days or so …. yep could be stressful. For what ever reason acute stress, anxiety and general tension seem to be in abundance at this time of year and if you are looking for a natural way …. not wine …. to combat this I would recommend looking at Organic Vervain SOS spray by Viridian.

This Certified Organic by the Soil Association product comes in a spray form and can be used every day or for emergencies. Or it can be used when you have the whole family coming …. including ex husband …. to your house in a couple of days, the spare bedrooms still resemble a squat and general life is anything but relaxing! Vervain SOS Spray includes vervain which is calming as well as being great to support a healthy mind and mood. It also contains immune boosting elderberry. It is a well known fact that if you are under stress your immune function is not as resilient.

Surprisingly pleasant to taste, this spray has been naturally flavoured with honey and apple.

Happy Holidays!!

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