Fifi Friendly Must Have Product of the Month – November

It is already 10 days into December and I have still not announced the Fifi Friendly Must Have Product of the Month for November…. what is that all about???

Without further ado the Must Have Product of the Month is being award to the two review blogs that were read the most in November. These are polar opposites in terms of products too!! The first is the wonderful Gluten & Dairy Free Christmas Fruit Cake Mix by Delicious Alchemy …. it seems you lovely readers have been looking for some inspiration. Great choice. Thanks also for the feedback on your baking efforts after purchase. 
The next winner is the glorious Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel. I adore Amsterdam all year round ….full stop.  However, there is something about this city in winter that I am captivated by. It seems that a good number of you are inspired to visit this city too.
Congratulations to both winners!! 

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