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The other week I was round at a friends and she had just taken delivery of a new perfume. Nothing out of the ordinary there, however this scent had notes in it that really made me think of something else I had smelt before. It majorly took me back about 20 years to an ex-boyfriend who used to spray his letters to me with his aftershave. I had just gone on holiday with my parents and best friend and he had sent me numerous letters to open while I was away. This was no round the world trip. It was for a fortnight in Germany. Ah…. young love. Ah…. life before mobiles and messenger. Annoyingly for the life of me, could I remember the name the aftershave …. eh no! The colour of paper the letters written on … yes they were blue Basildon Bond. The colour of the pen on the letters …. yes it was red. The words written …. yes. The name of the aftershave… arghhh. I found myself wanting to call him to actually ask the question …. but figured that might be awkward. All I know is that sense of smell is such a powerful thing.  I could not remember the name of the aftershave, but that did not matter. I had a memory stuck in my head that is more vivid. So many perfumes these days remind you of other scents. It is very rare that they actually remind you of places and memories.

I was recently sent a perfume sample pack by The Perfume Garden. Each of the 4 perfumes in the bag were so different. They were not like other scents out there that I had ever come across. These cruelty free, ethical, fair trade, organic and wild crafted fragrances have nature at the heart of them. Their names often give a clue to this.

My sample pack included Become, Under Orange Tree, Spring Rain and the award winning Patchouli Clouds. These fragrances are hand blended without the use of parabens, phthalates and additives. In theory because they are not packed full of preservatives they should not last as long as high street fragrances, however these are some of the longest lasting natural fragrances I have ever tried! Favourite…. to be honest I keep flipping between Patchouli Clouds and Under the Orange Tree , actually,  I really like them all. Which is not something I can say about all perfumes.  These scents don’t remind me of being spritzed on the high street, they really have transported me to holiday places or memories. Stunning. Intense. Evoking. Such a lovely range.


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