Pulsin Maca Bliss Raw Chocolate Brownie

“These are actually good, I love them!” were the words that came out of my 6 year old’s mouth after he tasted the Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie by Pulsin.  High praise!  I have been trying to get the kids into eating less refined sugar and this vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soya free, non GM bar of goodness is fairly awesome.

I love that the Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownies are 100% natural and have no added sugar making them a really great healthy alternative for us to snack on as a family and also great for those who are a bit more athletic than us. Fulfilling, energy giving and tasty guilt free snack! Perfect if you are on a Paleo diet too.

 I bought my Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie at Healthy Food Online £1.82.

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