Peaceful Mind Candle by Bloom Remedies

Sometimes you come along to write about a product and the timing could not be better.  For example today, following a couple a slightly stressful days in the Fifi Friendly household, I was feeling anything but relaxed. Tired yes, relaxed mind and body ….a big fat no! Chuck on top dealing with an ever grumpy ex-husband the stress of the situation seems to magnify instead of  being brought to peace and calm …. there’s a shock.  So you will now understand why the timing of this review was fairly perfect.

The Peaceful Mind Candle by Bloom Remedies is just what I needed. This newly launched eco soy wax candle is infused with the most glorious 100% pure essential oils to help calm the mind and generally bring inner peace. This therapeutic blend is a hypnotic blend of Cedarood, Petitgrain, Patchouli and Ginger. I love that The Peaceful Mind Candle has been burning away quietly in the windowsill of my Living Room for the last few hours and a sense of calm has descended. The kids are chilled …. yes both of them. The dog is asleep. There are less thoughts racing through my head …. maybe not so ideal when I am trying to think of words to write about the product, but perfect as I can concentrate on the task at hand and ignore external pressures. I feel chilled, I feel grounded and I feel soothed, which is the polar opposite of where I was at a few hours ago! This candle rocks.

I am yet to try a Bloom Remedies product that I don’t like the scent of. This luxury natural candle is simply sublime and is SLS, paraben, synthetics, paraffin wax, artificial fragrance and cruelty free.  I love it. This would make the perfect gift for you at Christmas …. or anyone else you really like! This is also the perfect candle to have wafting through the house at Christmas. The Peaceful Mind Candle has a burn time of approx 40 hours and cost £17.95. There are also more products in Peaceful Mind range here. Find out more about Bloom Remedies at



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