Gluten & Dairy Free Christmas Fruit Cake Mix

I get excited to get deliveries in the post. My kids are less so excited as it is rarely for them, however when the brightly packaged striped box from Delicious Alchemy was delivered by our lovely postie, Lady Pat …. (obviously a female version of Postman Pat) there was genuine excitement. ” Mum it’s from the porridge people!” is what my son hollered at me. He adores the Porridge from Delicious Alchemy…fact … can you tell? Today our parcel included the latest product launch from Delicious Alchemy, their Gluten & Dairy Free Christmas Fruit Cake Mix (£5) #limitededition.

Me and Christmas Cake have never really been the best of friends, but this is not the case for the rest of my family. What I love about the Delicious Alchemy mixes is that they are gluten free, dairy free and are practically idiot proof in my eyes.  Ergo, that makes them easy enough for the kids to help out baking them too. I love that the list of ingredients is that pure you can recognise all of them. You also have the option to make this fruit cake with alcohol or without. You will be glad to hear we decided to go without alcohol for this particular trial.

So here are the plus points. This is really easy to make. All you need to add to the mix is Butter/dairy free alternative, Eggs and Brandy or Orange Juice. Mix it, stir it and bake it for 1hr45. Simple. I have always bought Christmas Fruit Cake before and would never have considered making it myself. I was really impressed with our results. I could totally do this again. My stepdad would be proud. It turned out really well. Not too heavy …. my previous experience of some fruit cakes has been a little brick like. This however was fruity, moist and I found myself liking it.

Now for the minus points. If you have two kids baking always remember to have two spoons for stirring or there might be a fight. Secondly, If you are deciding to review this product for the first time and want to take photos, make sure you take “good” pics of the finished product. If not the readers of your blog will be left with packaging  shots ….. ta dah!!! You clever people will note that none of the minus points have anything to do with the Delicious Alchemy Gluten & Dairy Free Christmas Fruit Cake Mix.  It is awesome. Coeliac and Vegan friendly. My picture taking skills were not so awesome on that day while I refereed the kids! My advice is to buy it. The lovely Great Taste Award winning people at Delicious Alchemy have even given you a discount code. Enter XMAS20 at the checkout for 20% off all orders until the end of the December on I would love to see your results ….

(I am experimenting with freezing a couple of  squares of the fruit cake as I am sure it could be a make in advance kind of thing too.) See my previous review on their porridge here.

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