Ecover Bio Washing Tablets

I have been using the Bio Laundry Gel by Ecover  to tackle my families whites for while now but I did not realise they did tablets too.  I was needing to stock up on some more bio washing detergent as my kids have clearly been playing with the stain leaving pens at school again, or rolling in some kind of tar like substance and generally being kids.


I was surprised at how well this more green friendly bio actually worked as a gel and it comes as no shock that the tablets are just as good. If I am being totally honest, I actually find the tablets a little easier to use. They are septic tank friendly, have no harsh chemicals or perfumes. You just pop the tablets in the washing machine drawer and you are off. I don’t just use them with whites but also with the rest of our laundry too, regardless of the colour. Great at tackling stains too! I have found myself only using one tablet and still getting good results.


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