Healthy Foods Online – My 1st Order

A few weeks ago, I  decided to try and be a little organised ahead of schools going back. It was time to stock up on the goods for packed lunches. I heard about Healthy Foods Online when I visited their stand at the Allergy and Free From Show in London and what pleased me was how many of my favourite brands they carried online. 

Problem with my first shop was I actually did not know where to start. This website has 1000’s of free from options. Such a great range. I started looking at snacks for the kids…. but got a little diverted!  You can search under a number of options including gluten free, wheat free, kosher, dairy free, soya free, nut free, egg free, halal, caffeine free and reduced sugar. When my package arrived I was really pleased with the packing … I realise how dull that sounds…. but it was packed really well and the Chocolate Spread even came in a great protective bubble device…. very cool.

My mix of products was eclectic to say the least.  Going back to school means several things to me and one of those things is water bottles. Cleaning lots of water bottles every day. Perfect time to try out a new dishwasher brand.  Ecozone’s Brilliance All in One Dishwasher Tablets have now been trialled and I really like them. Firstly you put them in the dishwasher in their wrapper…. less fiddly! Secondly, the absolutely annihilated the really dirty roast chicken tray that I tested them on last night. They are also vegan friendly, phosphate free and did have not leave the water bottles streaky, greasy or smelling nasty…. especially after they were washed in the same wash as the aforementioned chicken tray!

I bought Mrs Crimble’s Corn Cakes and Amisa Grissini Style Snack because my son takes a packed lunch everyday. Sometimes he gets bored of sandwiches …. everyday, but more to the point he has had a thing for corn cakes and corn snacks for a long time!  I find these kind of snacks great to put in his lunch bag with some pate, hummous or spreadable goat’s cheese.

My daughter has also worked out that the Amisa Grissini Style Snacks are also mighty tasty if you dip them in Biona Dark Chocolate Spread. I had originally bought it as a bit of a breakfast treat to go on toast, but she has discovered it works really well as a post school snack with a banana!

Summer is a time for ice cream …. and if you have no sun in summer…. ice cream works in is spring, winter and autumn …. however my son does miss having his ice creams in a cone. We have found an awesome ice cream… St Helens Farm Goat’s Milk Ice Cream …. but the cones have always been a struggle. I bought the Eskal Ice Cream Cones in this order to try them out. First impression was that the cones looked really pale and I was not sure how they would taste.  They taste exactly like the cones I used to get when I was younger. The look was totally deceiving. They have been a hit…. in a he wants two cones in one sitting kind of way.

Gluten Free pasta is always in my store cupboard. It is such an easy go to when you have been running around. I had not tried any of Eskal’s pastas before and their Gluten Free Corn Pasta was part of my order.  It is low GI and only has corn flour and water in it’s ingredients. It really surprises me to see E numbers in gluten free pasta, thankfully this one does not! This one tastes good. It didn’t stick together when cooking, I find if you put the pasta in when the water is really boiling you can avoid this. We tried it with some homemade roasted pepper and garlic sauce. #wolfeddown.

Last but not least. In an effort to make my family dinners a little more “old school” on the days when the kids have been working hard I school, I started trying to make pies and puddings.  Oh the excitement of being a domestic goddess. My kids got into GBBO last year and when I said we were baking there were squeals of joy! We picked the fruit, we made the centre and then we made the pastry. Thanks to Mrs Crimble’s Pastry Mix. Now I am never going to confess to making the most pretty of puddings here, but man they are tasting amazing! Big thanks to my 4 year old for rolling it out and making the heart shape.

Impressed with my purchases so far. Have you bought from Healthy Foods Online? Great Service, massive range, quick delivery and well packed. 
Healthy Food Online are offering all Fifi Friendly readers a 10% discount – make sure you type fififoods in at checkout. Happy shopping!

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