Green Tea

I am a coffee lover! This is a fairly new love, but I really enjoy one beautiful coffee everyday. There is a downside …. I could drink it all day ….. but it makes me hyper and drinking it all day is not good for you. So, what is my go to drink everyday? Green Tea! I have been reading up about the qualities of green tea and that some green teas can boost your metabolic rate, are relaxing, can improve breathe or teeth hygiene and give you an energy boost on top of their antioxidant properties which help cleanse the body. I am not going to lie…. it is the metabolic rate boosting I am really excited about!

Green Tea packs a healthy punch. Pukka Supreme Matcha Green and Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea & Sweet Mint are two of my favourites to start the day.   I will enjoy these plain or sometimes add some frozen pineapple to them.

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