Genius Denby Dale Steak Pies

Our local Tesco had a half price offer on Genius Denby Dale Steak Pies this week so we decided to pop a packet in the trolley and give them a go. To be honest my experience of Genius Products has been a bit hit or miss in the past, but I had never bought one of their frozen items before.

First impressions were that when the individual sized pies were cooking in the oven they smelt good and seemed to brown up nicely in the allotted time. In 25 minutes they were cooked from frozen and ready to be plated up. The pastry tasted good and better than I thought it would!  That being said I would recommend keeping the pies in their foil as we found the pie lid did not stick to the rest of either of the pies… ( please read…completely fell apart).  The filling tasted good, although I prefer my pies with more meat in them. These seemed gravy heavy.  I am not sure I will be buying these again.

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