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Without realising it, my daliance into a more natural world was clear when I started wanting a family. After a number of miscarriges I was left feeling powerless and out of control of my body.  It was something that I could not communicate very well at the time. I don’t think people really get how physical and emotional miscarriages or infertility can be until they have gone through it themselves. I remember being overly sensitive and shortly after one of the more emotional miscarriages, I was told in a room of excited strangers that my sister in law was having a baby. I was beyond ecstatic to become an aunt, this was my first feeling.  My second feeling was one of how can I disguise this feeling of being a bit of a failure myself. How can I not cry in front of these people. Such a roller coaster of emotions.

Fifi Friendly

Shortly after this my good friend confided in me about her pregnancy. She was thrilled and so was I. She was very quick to tell me about the wonderful Zita West book she had been recommended to read. My friend gave me hope. She told me that at least 4 other people we knew had success with it and that I should try it. I was straight on Amazon to buy it that evening.

I didn’t realise what an impact the food you and your partner put in your body’s could have on your ability to sustain a pregnancy. This book became a great influence to me. It helped me be proactive. It made me aware of how different foods affected my body. It showed me all the natural options available to me. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that everyone has different reasons for miscarrying or having fertility issues. However, this amazing book, Zita West’s Guide to Getting Pregnant, gave me hope, put me back into feeling in control and through both of us following her advice we became pregnant.

Zita West, to me, became a bit of a hero. I can’t tell you how many friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc I have lent her book out to, but there is a lot of them. Many of whom now have lovely little nippers themselves.  Love Zita!!! Fifi Friendly.
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