Organii – Aloe Vera & Bamboo Shower Gel

One of the easiest areas to start your clean beauty or green living routine is with natural shower gels and soaps. Hopefully, we all like to clean up regularly…. like every day. Pick a brand, pick a smell and go and try.

Organii’s Everyday Organics Aloe Vera & Bamboo Shower Gel comes in a fabulously designed bottle. It is bright, easy to open in the shower and it’s shape makes sure it rarely falls over …. guess who has a pet hate!! Its Certified Organic and Vegan friendly ingredients have the most delicately fresh aroma. This smell is a morning wake up call in a bottle. 99.4 % Natural. The 300ml bottle does seem to last as well.

Organii’s range of products use natural plant based ingredients and aromas that are skin and environmentally friendly. They are SLS, PEGs, silicone and paraben free.  Definitely a Fifi Friendly brand. Have you tried any of Organii’s products? They also do soaps, sunscreen and even cotton plasters.

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