Village Urban Resort – Aberdeen.

On a recent trip up to see the parentals we decided to go to the Village Urban Resort in Aberdeen for dinner. I had been to a Village Resort before with my old work for business conferences, but I had never been there specifically for food.  The one is Aberdeen is relatively new and is situated in the middle of a business park.

The interior design of The Village is really contemporary, funky and lots to look at. I really liked it. We had tried to phone to book a table but the phone kept ringing out so we were pleased to see there were lots of tables in the Urban Bar & Grill and also the Public House when we arrived. The only thing that did not seem available was staff to seat us. Well there were staff …. but they all seemed busy talking to each other and none of them at the entrance to the food area to greet customers.

In our group there were 3 adults and 2 children, so we were looking for advice as to which of the areas was best to go to and which menu would be most suitable. We eventually got hold of a supervisor, asked the question and were told it was up to us….hmmm helpful.  I started to say that we were looking to find out if they had a kids menu in either area ….. when the phone rang and the supervisor stopped listening and started talking on the phone for a long time…. with their back to us.

I could tell that at least one of my parents was slightly unimpressed with this and we eventually took a seat in the Public House which seemed the more relaxed out of the two.  I was told by another supervisor/manager that they did have gluten free bread to have with the burgers. Great news after a frustrating start. We placed our order at the bar which seemed like a lengthy process and eventually paid. It was at this point that Supervisor No.1 came up to the bar to say that the kitchen says there was no gluten free bread…… eh…… did your colleague not make a point of saying that you did have gluten free bread and that I should ask for it when I ordered??!?!

 I asked for extra salad or fries instead and went back to join my family at the table. Plus points of the Public House were that there were loads of TVs so my kids were not just able to dual screen but to octa- screen!  The seats were comfortable. The viewable kitchen and grill was a great feature and gave me high hope for the food.

Food. It came… yeah!!!  The burger was gluten free. But there was a but. I am not sure if it was the portion vs cost … but I did not feel that I would be wanting to run back here for food again.  It tasted good but there wasn’t that much of it. You can see by my picture that the “extra salad” got lost somewhere else. I think I have been spoilt by the burger offerings at The Huxley in Edinburgh to be honest. We ended up having to go around at least 4 of the surrounding tables to get one of the condiments racks that actually had ketchup in the ketchup bottle. When we realised that there was no mayonnaise on the rack we struggled to find a member of staff to help. When we did find someone they came back with a dollop of mayonnaise. The kids ate their food, shared the mayonnaise and were happy.

It may have been that we came here on the wrong day but  I came away thinking that The Village Urban Resort had all the attributes of a great venue and looked great, but it felt a little soul-less. The one thing that came across was that the staff seemed to be walking around and not really engaging with customers which I found kind of weird. There was no character coming through from the staff and I found this a shame.

I found myself a little confused as there was quite a lot of character in the design of the place, but it had the same lack of character/soul that airport hotels often have. This is a shame as I think it has the potential to be more. My experience of other Village Resorts tell me this also.  A not so Fifi Friendly visit.
Have you been to a Village Urban Resort? 

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