Harry’s Treats – Gluten & Dairy Free

When the lovely guys at House of Hound tweeted to say they had some new treats in for dogs that were gluten & dairy free, I was straight in to see them…. any excuse. These were not just any treats, they were Harry’s Treats
Harry’s Treats are handmade in Edinburgh and contain no artificial colourings, preservatives and are even human friendly.  The Bacon, Banana & Peanut Butter treats we tried are gluten and dairy free, making them perfect for all dogs, especially those who have sensitive stomachs.

Now to be fair, my Mr Dog is a lab, and he does not have too sensitive a stomach…. please read he is happy to eat most things. My parents on the other hand have two black flat coated retrievers who are definitely sensitive to certain foods.  The first time we tried these was with all 3 dogs fighting over who would get the treat first. First of all I was surprised who long the dogs took to get through one treat. They are all prone to wolfing food down but they spent a little time actually chewing these. Great crunch and apparently super tasty.

We have now got to the end of the packet and will be in to House of Hound to purchase some more…. but I have also been on www.harrystreats.co.uk and see that they do treats for special occasions too.  Mr Dog is 1 in a few weeks and given that the kids want to have a birthday party for him….. not joking…. apparently he really wants a magician and balloons (!!!)….. I am guessing that we will be in touch with Harry’s Treats for a birthday cookie.

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