Fifty shades of Green … The Sequel

So, I was struggling with this first paragraph. It made sense in my head, but written down was not good.  I phoned my lovely marketing supremo friend as I knew she would be able to get this sounding as close to logical as possible. What happened next was a longish conversation digressing into the topic of this blog and with much hilarity later…. I think I am there…. hopefully this will make sense!

You know what its like, dear blog reader, when you hear a word for the first time and you could swear you have never heard it before, then all of a sudden you hear it in a movie or someone bring it up in conversation. ( I wonder if marketing supremo recognises that analogy?).  I am not talking the Law of Attraction, but you get what I mean. For me, I have had this when I got my new car, I hadn’t seen to many of them about and all of a sudden they were everywhere and even my bestie had just bought one. Or like when I was in Las Vegas with my pregnant sister in law, I had never seen anyone pregnant in Vegas before and now there were loads of pregnant women and people with buggies walking the Strip and in our hotel!  Long link…..but we are now getting to  my point.

It turned out that around the time that I put this blog out there seemed to be a load of things related to sex everywhere. First there was the 18th Century sex toy that was found in Poland. This was naturally made of leather, wood and  filled with bristles. Also, last month an article popped up in Glamour Magazine that claimed 19% of women masturbate in their cars…… say what?!?  (When I told this to my marketing supremo friend on the phone I actually had to take the phone away from my head as she shouted…. “in the car…. what!!”…. I was with her on that one to be fair, I mean I now look at people on the commute it a different way).  Naturally I shared this article on Google+ as I was struggling to take it in. Only to hear my normally quiet stepfather laugh out loud…. apparently even though my parents need our help with some other technological things…. like Sky and wifi …. he has Google+ on his ipad and was now reading the Glamour quote. #awkward #silversurfers.

Unsurprisingly, the product that got the most feedback from Part 1 was the Glass Dildo. So I suspect that this first product will get a similar reaction.   Idee Du Desir is a French brand who has married the knowledge of a talented cabinet maker/carpenter with  that of a sex therapist. The unique Sculptures are beautifully made of sustainable wood and finished with 7 layers of a phthalate free high grade food varnish. Amongst their range is the Structured Orchid which was first created in February 2014 and comes in 4 different wood types – Wild Cherry, Maple, Walnut and Harlequin (a mix of maple and walnut). (I did have some difficulty trying to get these pictures taken as my dog seemed to think it was a toy for him.)

The whole range is body safe and can be used with non-toxic lubricants. These wood products feel personalised as they are hand made allowing each one to have some slight differences. I was surprised to see that each was one numbered. Idee Du Desir do offer to customisation service if you wish. There is no denying that these have been beautifully designed. The Structured Orchid  ($110) looks so much more classy than your mass market pink sparkly toy…. how very French.  Their website has very recently been translated to English from French  but what definitely comes through is Pascal’s passion for his work.  It is almost like the sex toy world has come full circle and is back to the being more natural, simple and artistic.

At the other end of the scale there are two non-toxic products which are at the forefront of modern technology.  I am fairly sure that when you think of your sex life you are not thinking …  “hmm…I wonder if my orgasm has a carbon footprint?”. Whenever I think of carbon footprint it tends to come in the same thought process as booking flights. That being said We-Vibe are making award winning high tech sex products that are manufactured in a carbon neutral way. They are also made of 100% medical grade silicone and are free from toxins like phthalates, lead, BPA and latex.

We-Vibe develops intimate toys that are engineer designed, state of the art,  eco-friendly and completely body safe. Not only can you charge these up via USB at your computer for example…. presumably at home at not at your office desk…. but with one of them your partner can activate it with a smart phone app.

we vibe

We- Vibe produced their first dual stimulating vibrator in 2008.  Since then this 100% waterproof and eco-sensitive product has evolved to become the We- Vibe 4 Plus.  It is worn internally by the female and can be used by couples during sex together or worn for solo use.  I was round meeting a good friend for coffee and was describing this product to her saying that essentially a husband could be on a business trip in the USA and could activate this for his partner to use at home. She wasn’t quite getting the point of it when her husband jumped in with an analogy. He likened it to setting the central heating to come on so the house is warm before you get home. Hmmm kind of ….. but hopefully a little more sensual.

4 Plus has 11 different modes, numerous combinations and the functionality to make a personalised playlist. This u-shaped product is activated either by remote control or via the We- Vibe App which allows couples to stay connected anywhere in the world – same building or different continent. This last point is probably it’s biggest selling point.  The App allows the user or partner to be in control of either motors and also gives a clear indication of battery power remaining.

The We- Vibe 4 Plus is USB rechargeable and is fully charged within 4 hours for up to 3 hours of use. Housed in a white storage/travel case, this product can be charged discreetly in its charging dock with lid. Once charged the user needs to sync the product via bluetooth to the app, send a secure text or email to their partner inviting them to connect and it is good to go…. as it were.

we vibe

We-Vibe have not stopped there, they have a range of premium products for couples or individuals. One pint sized product for the individual is called the Tango. Like the 4 plus this product is fully USB rechargeable and it only takes 90 minutes to charge for up to 2 hours of use. Tango is body safe and free from phthalates, BPA and latex.  It is also 100% waterproof. We-Vibe provide videos about all their products and I did find myself laughing at the Tango video. It demonstrates how powerful the Tango is within a glass of water. Perhaps why it is described as a pocket rocket. We-Vibe however describe it as “the perfect purse size companion”. This is possibly why this discreet and travel friendly product has gained a cult status. I am presuming from the video it is not just down to it’s eco- credentials. Let’s just say that while I was taking these pictures I inadvertently set off the Tango in it’s box …. my photographic assistant…. the dog… leapt up at the vibrations coming from the box and starting barking before having a mad turn! (He rarely barks!).

There is little point using any of the body safe or natural toys above if you are using a mass market paraben filled lubricant. Lelo’s Personal Moistuizer has a water based formula that is glycerine, paraben and fragrance free. It has been pH balanced, fortified with Aloe Vera and it is claimed to be non-greasy as well as non-staining.  Lelo don’t just stop at making their products non-toxic and body safe. They also go the whole hog in their design.  Their Personal Moisturizer comes in a stunningly designed black bottle and is so luxe looking it does not scream out “lubricant”. It almost looks as though it could be a perfume bottle.


This pump dispensed product comes with a circular lid for it’s 150ml bottle.  Those who are paying attention will note from the ingredients that it does contain guarana and ginseng…. for energy?

In the original blog I spoke about the rise in the sales of kegel balls since the arrival of Fifty Shades of Grey and the infamous Rabbit from Sex and the City.  It turns out that you can get both of these products in a skin safe, latex free format nowadays too. Who would have thought.  The Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit from Belle de Soir takes the infamous Rabbit from Sex and the City into the clean and green world.  This water resistant product is made from high quality silicone making it naturally body safe. It’s USB recharge makes it up to date on the charging front too. Likewise Loving Joy’s Silicone Pleasure Balls are … made of silicone. They are body safe, phthalate free and hypoallergenic.

So what happens now…. you decide you want to make your sex life more clean and green…. what happens to any old products you have …. I am guessing your local council has not provided a bin collection for them! Well,  Lovehoney have set up the Lovehoney Rabbit Amnesty to help you dispose of your old sex toys/accessories in a safe and careful way. As many parts as possible are then recycled, money is donated to a green charity and you can collect Oh! points to use on a new toy. You can find out more information here.

Putting out the original Sex and the Non-Toxic Friendly was as nerve wracking for me as the day my first ever blog went live. My brother supportively listened to my fretful conversation asking him to read it … like now… make sure it not too dodgy before the parents got on-line. Overall most people were supportive and amusingly/awkwardly the first person to retweet  Sex and the Non-Toxic Friendly was my ex-husband. One person commented that I kept it quiet at the school gates…, time and a place springs to mind. This blog also made for some interesting conversations on a girls night out.  They were also surprised when I said that there was a Part 2. I had not realised how big the world of non-toxic sex was.

When I started the Sex and the Non-toxic Friendly there were so many potential titles …. Fifty Shades of Green ….Climax Change …. When Eco and Body Sensitive come together ….When Clean and Green Meet Down and Dirty… you get the drift.  The fact that there are so few regulations surrounding body safe ingredients in this market astounded me but I am delighted to see that there are some great brands tapping into being body safe and eco-sensitive. I am also pleased to see there is more awareness of the toxins out there too.  I dread to think what my neighbours must have thought of me taking all these pictures outside. I am sure it has been as much of an eye-opener for them as it has been for me, but what I have learnt is that there is a booming “eco-sexy” market out there allowing the consumer to be eco- conscious and body safe.


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