I first started using non-toxic beauty products about 8 years ago when it was hit or miss if the product was effective as well as being expensive.  I love the fact that there is such a great range of hardworking products to choose from nowadays. It kind of astonishes me that there are so many award winning brands that I have not tried yet, Odylique is one of them.

Odylique – which is derived from the meaning “power of nature”-  was born in 2003 and was originally called Essential Care. It all started over 30 years ago when it’s founder Margaret began to make natural skincare products. Still to this day, this family run, small batch and handmade UK brand have a wonderful ethos. They want all of the ingredients they use to have a therapeutic value at the same time as being a wonderful ritual for the consumer to experience/use.

Odylique understand sensitive skin and the benefits of using organic and synthetic free ingredients on our precious skin. I would highly recommend you reading their web page and especially this page  about organic skincare, which really resonated with me.

I love a good hand cream, the joys of having two young kids and a young dog mean my hands are washed an awful lot! This super hydrating lemon scented Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie (60ml £12) had no sooner been delivered and it was opened. The smell is first thing I noticed, it is truly uplifting. It’s 100% natural and 93% organic ingredients include coconut, avocado, cocoa butter, aloe, sea buckthorn, calendula and lemon.  With ingredients like that, this smoothie is pretty much guaranteed to replenish any hand that comes within its radius – sensitive skin or not.

I liked it, loved how it moisturised my hands but decided to take it out on the streets …. when I say on the streets, I actually took it to my kids street dance class to try on some of the other mums. First reactions were great and they loved the smell. Second reactions were of coo-ing noises as they massaged it into their hands. Thirdly, one mum went back for more and told me she loved how it was not oily or greasy. I think it went down well as the mums sat and massaged their hands for the next little bit and kept saying how nice it was. Job well done Odylique.

Next on my Odylique list was their Coconut Candy Scrub (175g £25). I felt that is was totally acceptable to have a bath at 4pm just so I could test this little beauty out. What a luxury. This 100% natural and 98.8% organic scrub is a mix of sugar, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa bean butter, poppy seeds and myrtle essential oil.  I love this natural coconut smell, it makes me think of being on holiday. It is recommended to massage this into damp skin so this is perfect to use in the bath or shower.

For me scrubs come under a  few categories. Those that are so harsh you feel like you lose too many layers of your skin using them and the remaining skin is left heinously red! Those that should have a warning triangle sold with them because anyone who dares go in the bath or shower post scrub, is likely to end up slipping over. Finally, those that look and smell pretty but don’t seem to do the job they are supposed to. Odylique is none of these. Firstly you could be forgiven for wanting to eat it, it smells that good. The Coconut Candy Scrub is gentle enough for sensitive skin and the sugar/poppy seed mixture is great at exfoliating dead skin.  It is a perfect juxtaposition of being powerful enough to exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal but gentle enough not to leave you with scratches all over.

I found this award winning scrub  really easy to rinse off and my skin was not coated in oil afterwards. My dried skin felt re-nourished, more even in texture and and tone. Love this really effective product. It scrubs, it hydrates, it works!!

Finally I have been trying out Odylique’s Timeless Rose Moisturiser (15ml £8). If you like a lightweight moisturiser this is a great place to start.  It is so lightweight you could even use it as an eye cream! Suitable for all skin types (including mature) this product manages to nourish the skin without weighing it down. Timesless Rose Moisturiser is 100% natural and 94.1% organic and smells divinely of rose. I love that Odylique give the regular ingredient list and then give it in plain English! So, I can now tell you that this nourishing and soothing moisturiser works so well because it has aloe vera juice, rose flower water, rosehip, jojoba, coconut and sea buckthorn included in it.

This is definitely a product I would recommend if you have sensitive skin, or if you don’t like your skin feeling clogged. This is also a product that some men may enjoy using as it is effective but lightweight and great to use after shaving.

My first dalliances into the world of Odylique have been a joy.  There is so much about the brand on top of the actual products that I like, in terms of their ethos and environmental stance. Their products are made using recycled and non-toxic packaging where they can and proudly use packaging which is made from 100% recycled materials. This is definitely a Fifi Friendly brand.

Have you tried Odylique?

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