Pudology – Dairy and Gluten Free Puddings

Sometimes I get a product to try and the sad truth is that my pictures do it absolutely no justice. This is one such product. You need to go out and taste these little beauties. I am talking about desserts by Pudology.

Pudology is a range of stunning dairy and gluten free desserts made by a family of self-professed foodies. Who better to make them! This probably explains why they taste so amazing! When I first tried their potted puddings it was actually my birthday and the kids and I sat down to try out not one pudding …. but two in one sitting. Wow.  This is what puddings tasted like before I went gluten and cow dairy free!!

I took some of the puddings up north with me when I went to see my parents. As some of you will gather from reading my blog, my stepfather and my daughter are the sweet toothed ones in our family. I set us a challenge to try 6 of the puddings in one go. Sounds a bit glutinous but believe me you, it was amazing and I would happily do that again.

We tried the Banoffee Pud, Lemon Pud, Chocolate Orange Pud, Strawberry Pud, Chocolate Pud and finally the Millionaires’ Pud. When asked which one he preferred my stepfather replied that he really liked them all ….  I got that already as we had 6 empty pots in front of us!…. but as soon as he started saying that he would easily be able to hand out the Chocolate Orange Pud at a dinner party, I knew that this was his favourite.

To be fair, any of these puddings could be brought out at a dinner party or scoffed quietly by yourself at lunch time. They are so smooth, indulgent, luxurious and little pots of absolute heaven! In short these seriously tasty puddings are great if you like puddings. Pudology puddings are also great if you have a dietary requirement and want something that is supremely tasty and dairy free, wheat free, egg free, nut free, gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian, vegan or kosher. I have already worked out where the local stockists are for me….. and my stepdad! I am also curious to try their Yoghurts.

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