Jane Iredale Lip Drink

I am a sucker for samples. I remember being in primary school and my Gran giving me a massive bag of Lancome, Elizabeth Arden and Givenchy samples. I was so excited to have a play with these products. This was the first of many bags that she would pass on to me. I miss that. Luckily, in my recent order from Content Beauty there were a couple of fab samples included in the box. Samples are a great way to try out new brands and also products you may not have automatically looked at.

One of the samples I got was Lip Drink by Jane Iredale.  This broad spectrum titanium dioxide SPF 15 and gluten free lip balm came in a gorgeous tiny lip stick tube. Love it. There are so many great things about this product. SPF for starters, great for the summer approaching, but also great any time of the year.  How many of you use an SPF on your face every day but what about your lips? Lip Drink feels soothing, hydrating, moisturising, protecting and generally fab on the lips. It has no colour to it but definitely leaves a little bit of sheen which I like. You certainly won’t have the look of Lifeguard with sunblock white on your lips, but you may note a slight white sheen sometimes. This is a sheer tone though.

Lip drink applies really easily and does not leave your lips coated in a wax.  It is packed full of nourishing oils and extracts like green tea, aloe, avocado oil and carrot oil. This has more of an oily feel to it as a result which makes it easier to soak in. Lip Drink smells great and does not taste nasty either, as some SPF lip balms do. There is a hint of lemon in there but it is not overpowering or synthetic. I could easily drink after applying this and would not taste the lemon at all.
I have been on the Content Beauty site to see if I can purchase this product but can’t find it as yet, hoping this means they are going to get it in soon…. fingers crossed.

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