Lily’s Kitchen Little Liver Rewards

Having a 9 month old puppy in the house is a roller coaster! He is adorable, boisterous, intelligent, energetic, happy, stubborn and utterly affectionate…. normally all in one day. If there is one thing I can always rely him to do, it is think with his stomach!! Having recently had an operation, we had the joy of only being able to walk him on a lead for 10 days! I am sure that I have shot putter’s shoulders as a result of all his pulling. Thankfully he is allowed to roam wild again, but I was concerned that all my previous hard work in training and recall was out the window… especially as his stubborness is outstanding just now!

Yesterday, we paid a visit to my favourite House of Hound in Edinburgh to pick up some treats to “encourage him” to be well behaved. Mr Dog was as excited as ever to wander the store and luckily did not knock over anything this time!! We picked up our usual natural pizzle and also came away with some The Truly Naturals Little Liver Rewards by Lily’s Kitchen.  These 100% natural treats are made from British Ox liver that has been air dried.

It is fair to say that these have caught Mr Dog’s attention. He even comes in from the garden every time I call him … this has not happened for the last 10 days as he would rather run around like a whippet than come in.  On our big field walk yesterday he was positively angelic (?!?!). However, one of the best things for me is that these treats do not stink. I have tried to train him with dried beef hearts before, he loved them but the smell for me was vile! When using biscuits to train with, I get slightly annoyed that I get crumbs everywhere. These bite size pieces of liver  by Lily’s Kitchen can be dispensed from the re-zippable bag really easily, no crumbs, they are not fiddly in size and can also be broken up without leaving your hands smelling awful.

Thank you Lily’s Kitchen these are perfect.  He loves the meaty flavour … presumption on my part as he licks his chops after each morsel. I love that they are natural and filled with iron goodness, are great for his coat and also help him to be super well behaved /not stubborn!  £3.99 for 40g.

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