Zoya Anja

Zoya Anja Nail Polish by Fifi Friendly

After a couple of weeks of using my Salcura Winter Skin Hand Therapy, I feel that my hands and more importantly nails are in so much better condition. Time to breakout the nail polish!! Zoya Anja was my go to yesterday. I was attending another child’s birthday party and while they were all letting off steam on the bouncy castle, I quietly applied my formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor free polish. Love this colour!!  I picked it up at my local Wholefoods when I was there doing a beauty haul one day.  I could spend hour there!  Luckily the party allowed me plenty of time to sit still let my nails set nicely. Result!

Zoya Anja Nail Polish by Fifi Friendly
Zoya Anja Nail Polish by Fifi Friendly

What is your favourite Zoya Colour?


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