Udi’s Cookie Mix – Chocolate Mix

My love for cookies  probably started around about the same time as my love for the Cookie Monster on Seasame Street. Am I the only one who would try and impersonate him by filling my mouth with cookies?  I am not going to say that I was obsessed, but I did have a great little collection of Cookie Monsters. When it came around to writing my first will, you can guess how delighted my big brother was to be down as being left said Cookie Monster collection!! Although the kids have not picked up on the Cookie Monster, they are happy to partake in eating cookies and in fact any kind of baking.

Udi's Gluten Free Cookie Mix Chocolate Chip

My daughter came home from nursery with a surprise box to make things at home. Other kids had chosen the science experiments or some arts and crafts …. little miss sugar fiend had shockingly chosen the baking box.  So, last weekend she made us some chocolate crispies. Sadly these were not gluten free, but I knew I had a box of Udi’s Gluten Free Cookie Mix and promised my son we would make these after school.

Udi's Gluten Free Cookie Mix Chocolate Chip

 I have used some ready mixes before and they are great for getting the cookies done quickly and with minimal effort… perfect for when the kids are “helping”. The Udi’s one looked fairly simple.  There were 5 ingredients to add to the mix.  Before we added in the honey it became apparent that the mix was really dry. I did at that stage wonder how this was to become a dough.

Udi's Gluten Free Cookie Mix Chocolate Chip

After adding in the honey the mixture was still crumbly. I checked we had the ingredients right… we did. With my little helpers losing a bit of interest I added a small amount of water to the mixture to get it into a dough like texture. From here it was easy to roll the dough, cut cookies and place them on the baking sheets. To be honest I thought we were home and dry until I took the cookies out. They looked ok given we are not on Masterchef …. but they tasted dry … not quite in the same way that water biscuits are dry…. but dry nonetheless. And where is all the chocolate!!

Udi's Gluten Free Cookie Mix Chocolate Chip

Disappointed Fifi. Disappointed Kids. I find myself not knowing what else to say about them so it is probably best to end here. Kind of unlike me. Meh!

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