Tesco Free From Ginger Cookies

If I want to know if something that I have given the kids for snack is good, all I have to do is listen. From a very young age my daughter has hummed when she eats food that she really loves.  I have always found this funny as my gorgeous Aunt also does something similar.

The other day I bought some Free From Ginger Cookies from Tesco (on offer for £1 at the store local to my parents).  I let the kids try them out first with their afternoon snack. And there it was …. the nom nom humming noise from the little lady. Quickly followed by her shouting out “more”. 
This lovely packet of biscuits lasted about 24 hours and was “appreciated”/scoffed by both the kids, grandad (well he likes anything to do with biscuits) and myself.  They are gluten and wheat free and taste like normal biscuits and are not dry/crumbly. They have a good crunch and also a bit of chew, like all good ginger cookies should. I feel a Fifi Friendly 5* being awarded. Looking forward to getting some more in.

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