Pulsetta Mocha Oat Thins

Given we are in the last few days of National Snack Month, I thought I would do a couple of snack posts…. yes I only found out about it a few days ago, but I am sure I have had my quota of snacks…. even if you just count this last week!

I bought some Pulsetta Mocha Oat Thins while I was up in Aberdeen and have carefully gone through a good amount of them today to review.

I love the size of these, they are smaller than normal oatcakes but a little bigger than a bitesize amount.  These Oat Thins come in at 27 kcal per biscuit on top of being gluten, egg and dairy free. I have not tried any Pulsetta products before, but these are part of a larger range that include Lemon, Savoury or Vanilla Oat Thins. As a brand, Pulsetta pride themselves on natural food that is artificial additive free. I love that they started as a kitchen experiment using milled pulses instead of traditional flour.

If I tell you that there were approx 20 in the packet and there are now 6 left, you will get an idea that these taste good. My son has even made me promise to keep some for his lunch box tomorrow! The flavour is subtle but not bland and this is one of those snacks that does not come in a resealable container. There is good reason for this, as there is no danger they would be left uneaten for long. As I write this two little pairs of hands have tried to stealthy take another one.

A massive Fifi Friendly 5* to these naturally gluten free Mocha Oat Thins. There are now only 4 left in the box and I suspect there may not be enough for the lunchbox tomorrow.

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