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A few months ago I discovered  Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano on the Internet. Pretty much half way through reading the first blog on her site, I knew I was going to enjoy reading more. As a New York Times Bestselling Author, this Brit, is also hot property on TV in the USA where she has appeared on the likes of The View, Good Morning America, Oprah and is also the resident green and healthy living expert on Hallmark’s  Home  & Family.   Recently, it has become a slight addiction of mine to watch her YouTube Channel – Gorgeously Green.

Pic courtesy of Sophie Uliano You Tube


Last night, I spent a very happy couple of hours watching about 20 videos and getting some great tips. One video that really struck a nerve with me was her Naturally Non -Toxic Sunscreen Recipe. Sunscreen was really where my non toxic journey began. On holiday in Marbella I could not understand why I came out in a massive purple every time I used sunscreen. I was told by the pharmacist that I was allergic to the sun. Given that I live in Scotland, I could not see how this could be so. Eventually after some testing it was discovered that I was allergic to some of the non- toxic ingredients in your average sunscreen.  I spend loads of time researching non-toxic suncreens for myself and my kids. Now I have a recipe – I am really excited to try and make some myself now!!

Pic from Youtube Gorgeously Green

After getting in contact with Sophie on Twitter to let her know how fab I thought her blog is, she kindly sent me through a couple of links to recipes to try and I am bursting to get the ingredients to get started.  These include her Rose & Geranium Body Spray and also a solid perfume recipe. Firstly some of the toxic ingredients in sunscreen are also included in perfumes. This is another area I struggle with. Unfortunately, the perfume link is not accessible in the UK but I have asked for another link and will share it soon!

If you are looking for a wealth of knowledge on all things non-toxic or are wanting to try and make your own products, you have to check Sophie’s site out. There is everything from recommended non – toxic brands, to diet tips and great DIY recipes for everything including linen spray, teeth whitening, body scrubs, anti-ageing peel, hand sanitiser, vitamin c serum, candles…. I think you get the idea! I love how she give great tips in an approachable way and with accessible recipes. I am off to the health food store so I can try my hand at a little non-toxic DIY! I will report back.


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