Tara Smith sale @ Marks & Spencer near you……

I love Tara Smith hair care  and I was a bit shocked to hear a rumour a couple of months ago that it was being discontinued at Marks and Spencer…. boo…. hiss. (Clearly not over the Panto yet!). I tried to contact M&S a couple of times on Twitter to find out if it was true or not but alas there was radio silence (come on M&S twitter team!)…. boo…. hiss.

Tara Smith Shampoo

Whilst I was at my local M&S recently it was confirmed by one of the lovely beauty department ladies that it was in fact being discontinued. The only plus point to this situation is my bathroom is now stocked up high in Tara Smith which is reduced from £10 to £3 for a 250ml shampoo or conditioner.

Tara Smith Hair Serum

If you love it like I do then now is the time to replenish your stocks while you can. If you have never tried it, go for it. It is a fantastic price and a great product range.

Tara Smith Hair Gloss Spray

Get your bathroom cabinet stocked up.


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  1. January 25, 2015 / 9:44 am

    Awwh that is a real shame Iove Tara Smith – you got some great bargains! x

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