Isn’t is great to rediscover an old favourite? The other week, Mr Fifi Friendly came back from the new Co-op beside his work with a box of Dr Schar Crispbread.  I used to love them at lunchtime and have been stocking up the cupboard with them a lot recently.

DS Gluten Free Crispbread Dr Schaer

These low fat, gluten and wheat free crispbreads are great with savoury toppings like cheese, ham, pate or hummus and have made a great lunchtime alternative for my son’s lunchbox.  I also discovered they go fairly well with honey or jam too!! Let me know if you have tried them – what topping did you use?

DS Gluten Free Crispbread Dr Schaer

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Maize Flour, Sugar, Salt.
27 calories per crispbread.

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