I had the pleasure recently of meeting the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare team at Space NK in Edinburgh. Not only did I get to meet the Founder of the brand, Claire Vero, but I also got to trial her products by means of a facial. This brand has been getting a lot of great press recently and it did not take me long to find out why.

Since Claire – a former Marketing Director for GlaxoSmithKline’s Global Dermatology Centre of Excellence – founded Aurelia in January 2013, the success of this brand has been well deserved.  It is amazing to think that 12 months ago they were still working from Claire Vero’s dining table and about to move into their first office.  Their rise has been truly stratospheric. Things to be applauded on top of the actual range itself are

  • Aurelia has won an astounding 23 awards in it’s first 22 months
  • Sold out on Net-a- Porter within 72 hours of launch and was 1 of 15 brand’s chosen to be in the first ever Net-a-Porter beauty edit
  • First brand ever to be taken from table to it’s own counter in the iconic and exclusive beauty hall at Liberty London
  • Launched in 15 Space NK stores in September 14 with unparallelled success. A further 8 stores will soon now stock Aurelia as a result
  • Their Founder, Claire, was included in 2014 Management Today’s 35 under 35 to watch
  • Currently available in 8 countries… this space

    If I was writing a dissertation on Aurelia, I would actually have no issue with my word count… I have a load to say. The problem I have is where to start and which product to lead with….. lets start with more on the brand. Whats is Aurelia Probiotic Skincare?  A scientifically proven and evidence based range of 10 skincare products that use next generation pro-biotics, repair and peptide technologies with ethically sourced BioOragnic botanicals from Africa.

    In short Aurelia has meticulously blended nature and science together to make an utterly exquisite skincare range that is proven to work. Working from the ethos that main cause of ageing in skin is when it is inflamed, Aurelia uses probiotics to protect, stabilise and boost the skin’s natural defence system….even down to counteracting the effects of sun exposure….. just what my wrinkles need!!

    After my facial I left Space NK seeing and feeling the glorious effects of my treatment beaming out of my skin. According to my friends  this glow was still apparent the next day. I also left Space NK with a bag of Aurelia products of my own. I joked to Mr Fifi Friendly that I had guarded my bag on the tram home like it was a prized possession. It was and it remains so.

    I have started to try and do a face mask Friday to give myself and excuse every week for a little treat. I failed to wait until Friday this week and last night I used the Refine & Polish Miracle Balm…. what a joy for a Monday night. You have got to love this multi-use product – an instant exfoliator or enzyme mask depending on your preference or the amount of time you have on your hands. I was all in for the enzyme mask last night. 

    This pale coloured balm squeezes easily out of it’s tube and has a slight grainy texture to it thanks to it natural refining rice bran beads. These are gentle on the skin and not rough, however are excellent at budging dry skin cells.  I applied it to my freshly cleaned skin where I had used an oil cleanser to get rid of any residual makeup.  I massaged the balm in gently before leaving it in place for about 5 minutes.  This product is loaded with fruit enzymes which are great for a deep exfoliation. I definitely felt my skin around my cheeks start to warm up gently as they were taking effect.

    This balm is really pleasant to have on your skin. It smells great, hints of orange and the uplifting aroma of eucalyptus, chamomile, bergamot and rosemary. As its signature blend of probiotic and peptide complexes take to work it does not feel uncomfortable on the skin at all. After my 5 minutes were up, I massaged the product  in circular motions. This is recommended as it is a great way to boost circulation to the skin. Again, I could feel the beads working but my skin never felt scratched. Next step is to add some water to the balm. This is is where it revolutionised from a thick balm into a milk like texture. Once emulsified it was really easy to rinse off.

    Unlike many enzyme masks my skin was not red after use.  It also felt amazing… we are talking baby soft here. Congested pores were annihilated….in a gentle way.  I can understand why you can use this in the morning or evening. In the morning it is a fantastic brightening and clarifying product to give you a good canvas for your morning routine. To be fair I am not sure I would actually need to moisturise after it. My skin felt surprisingly hydrated after use. In the evening it would purge your skin of congestion and dullness to leave the it balanced and an optimum base to give your skin a treat with the sublime Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil.

    I love this product. I have started to call it my potent skin perfecting polish and it succeeds in transforming my skin ….. (which on some days can be anything from tired looking, sometimes congested around the t-zone and generally looking a bit dull and needing an overhaul)…. into a spruced up and radiant complexion. Love it. Costing £57 for 75ml I am happy to pay this amount as I get great results. I have tried it as an instant exfoliator in the morning which was such a dream. It certainly woke my skin up! It was refreshed and ready for the day.  I am loving this brand and  I look forward to sharing my thoughts on some more of their products with you very soon.

    Claire and her team’s clear passion for her brand and fastidious attention to detail was extremely apparent when I met them. These two qualities don’t often come hand in hand with congeniality and approachability. In fact, I have to say that Claire and her Marketing & Digital Director Hannah were up there with some of the nicest people in this industry that I have ever met!  This brand is one of the best that I have tried this year. The Aurelia website is comprehensive, holds a great video section and each product has its own extensive ingredient list….. I wish more brands were as consumer friendly. All in all, I think I might give up the day job and go and work for this wonder brand….. not sure under what capacity yet…. apprentice?

    100% 5* Fifi Friendly!

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