I have frequently sang the praises of Salcura skincare and their Bioskin Junior range. It is natural, effective and holding its spot firmly in the Fifi Friendly bathroom. I had never even considered natural skincare for animals until we got Mr Dog recently….why would I? I quickly discovered that so many dog shampoos do not even have an ingredients list on them. Given that I would not put anything on my skin where I have no idea what is in it, why would I do that to our dog.

I discovered that Salcura have a natural pet solution range called Anicura (  I started off with the Anicura Deep Cleansing Shampoo to tackle our dog and some long haired slightly whiffy pets that were visiting (trying my best to be diplomatic as I am sure their owners reads this….hi to you, hope you understand!).
This natural skin therapy for dogs is suitable for dogs with dry, scaly and itchy skin and promotes nourished and moisturised skin. It is so natural I was happy to use it on a dog with normal skin/coat. Like the human range, Anicura is free from 
  • steroids
  • hormones
  • cortisones
  • alcohol
  • parabens
  • antibiotics
  • peroxides
I applied it to a wet coat and massaged in before rinsing off. The massage part of this sequence did not last too long….. the dog was not so excited to stand still! The smell of lavender and chamomile were lovely and not overpowering. The pump dispenser was so much easier to use than other dog shampoos I have tried in the past. It is fair to say you need all hands on deck to shampoo a dog, hold the dog and control where the water is going to!
The end result…..clean, glossy coated dogs, (a little excited after their shower) but smelling great! If you want to give your pet a natural pet solution this is the brand to try, let me know how you get on. Fifi Friendly Fido 5*.

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