A whole lot of Whole Foods…. Part 2.

Great excitement for me, as I am planning a trip to the mother ship that is Whole Foods (www.wholefoodsmarket.com) this weekend. Is it sad that on a Wednesday am already looking forward to the outing? I think not! I have not long finished all of my samples that I got from them last time that I want to purchase and there a few new products that I want to check out.

I have bought a few things from Pukka (www.pukkaherbs.com) before including their tea and vitamins, but I loved the samples of their Supreme Match Green Tea and also the Clean Green Tea that I  got from Whole Foods. The Supreme Matcha Green is a blend of three whole leaf green teas (Sencha, Oothu  and Suoi Gang)  with emerald Matcha powder. It is still packed full of all the wonderful and powerful antioxidants we expect green tea to have, but this tea packed a punch. It was definitely energising.

The Clean Green tea had more of a lemony flavour and included sweet fennel seeds, lemon peel, nettle leaf and the roots of dandelion, licorice and turmeric. Fuller bodied in taste this tea is a great cleanser but still refreshing. I found both were great as a morning boost and they start the system as you mean to continue. I tend to top teas up in my cup with extra hot water and I found the flavour held well.

Next on my list to buy is by a company called Pawsitively Natural (www.pawsitivelynatural.co.uk). As their name may suggest to you they are for dogs and they are natural and do not contain any of the following

  • meat
  • animal derivatives
  • sensory additives
  • bulking agents

All ingredients are ethically sourced and these Cheese & Carrot Biscuits contain Seagreens which is a human food seaweed that is harvested in Scotland. Seagreens is not only natural but it also promotes healthy coats and teeth. The Cheese & Carrot Biscuits look exactly like a small oatcake and were wolfed down by our puppy and two very large black flat coat retrievers that we had visiting. Great natural choice for your pooch. So natural you can eat it yourself if you so desire.

I am yet to find a product at Whole Foods that I have not liked and wanted to buy after sampling. Great store, great products and great staff. Looking forward to my visit again. Let me know what is your favourite  product from there and if you have had any great recommendations.

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