A few of my La Favorita things….

There is something about good proper Italian pizzas done in a wood fired oven that I adore. It is perfect any time of year, beautifully cooked and a Fifi Friendly family favourite. When my son went gluten free earlier this year it was pizza that he missed the most. Don’t get me wrong some of the gluten free pizza options are OK, but just that. They just don’t have the same taste or texture and definitely not as satisfying.

Last week we got a gluten free pizza from a local Italian restaurant who does great regular pizzas. The gluten free option left us unfulfilled. It was soggy in the middle, thick and generally could be summed up by… meh! Disappointed reigned until yesterday…. we visited La Favorita in Edinburgh (www.lafavoritadelivered.com) Two gluten free pizzas later and the Fifi Friendly household has found its gluten free pizza heaven. They were crispy where they were meant to be, tasted like normal pizzas, mouthwateringly good and I can’t wait to go back!!!

The ordering process was really easy. The staff were understanding when we asked for no tomatoes on one of the gluten free pizzas. Nothing was too much trouble. They tasted amazing, authentic and as good as any pizza I have ever tried ….. EVER. How can they improve? Delivery to my house would be amazing!  Apart from that they are perfect! I literally have the happiest son after this pizza. Not going to lie, mine was annihilated in record time too! So good.

Fifi Friendly 5* awarded to La Favorita!!!

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