The first Natural Deodorant I tried

To sweat or not to sweat, that is the question.   There continues to be a lot in the press about the negatives of using antiperspirants, even Cameron Diaz  has spoken publicly about not using antiperspirant for the last 20 years.  I had wanted to find a more natural deodorant, but my trial of a natural spray deodorant left me with drips of spray running down my arms……not so ideal.

My choice of controlling those sweat glands has come a long way from my teens. I still recall taking a trip to John Lewis department store with one of my good friends (you know who you are and you will remain nameless) to buy what I can only describe as sanitary pads for the underarms, in a bid to not have sweat show on my favourite top………. (For reference, I just looked it up and apparently you can still buy said products online….and there are also now ones that clip onto your bra!!). It is not as though we were actually that sweaty, we were not even all that sporty, however we had picked up some paranoia about “sweaty pits”. In the same way that you would check your friend had no food remnants stuck in their teeth, we would also keep an eye on the pits.

Salt of the Earth Fifi Friendly

I have, up until recently, been using a paraben free antiperspirant/ deodorant, however following a lovely trip to Wholefoods in Giffnock last week, I was recommended Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant. What a revelation, I did not understand the whole argument of using antiperspirant makes you sweat and smell more, but now I do. The Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant is unscented, in a solid formation, has no aluminium chlorohydrate, no alcohol and no parabens. You apply it to damp skin after washing and you are good to go. It is really easy to do straight from the shower and does not have that claggy feel that some deodorants do. Definitely no white marks were left on my clothes.

Not only did it make my skin feel lighter, fresher and softer but I am fairly sure I sweated less. In fact the next day, after a night of sleeping, I still felt fresher than normal. How can this be? So to test the theory I enrolled  – the antiperspirant loving other half – to try it out. It is fair to say that over the years he has trashed a good amount of t-shirts by over applying antiperspirant …even a 90 degree wash could not shift the residue.

To give you an idea of his love of being without sweat, he wears a t-shirt under his work shirts as he is sure it keeps him fresher and makes him sweat less. Secondly, his holiday of choice is to Las Vegas…….mainly because it is such a dry heat that the sweat has barely come out of your skin before it evaporates into the air!

Showing his faith in my new discovery, he did offer to do the experiment at the weekend when he was guaranteed to be able to shower if need be. Saturday came and went, the slightly sheepish male tester did admit that he too did not think he sweated as much with this product. He was also surprised that there was definitely less smell, result all round! He has since gone and bought one for himself and was even shocked at how well it fared at the gym. The t-shirts will be safe from nasty stains and marks moving forward.

I have since been spreading the gospel of Salt of the Earth. Great product. I give it a Fifi Friendly  5 *. Also comes in a handy travel size.

Ingredients: Potassium Alum (a natural mineral salt)

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