Grahams Natural Soap with Manuka Honey

Grahams Natural Soap with Manuka Honey

Luckily for those around me…. I have tried a lot of soaps.  From baby soap to ones for sensitive skin to an amazing olive oil one that I bought in Greece last year. That said, this week I tried soap with Manuka honey for the first time…it’s good!! Grahams Skincare was started by a  Geoff Graham, a dad who was looking for something to help his son’s extreme eczema. He started doing a lot of research, mixed raw materials together and after a lot of trial and error Grahams Skincare began. Once they started to notice improvements in his young son’s condition they wanted to spread the word.

I tried Grahams Natural Soap with Manuka honey (100g – £8.50 ). The formula of this is very mild and it is suitable for dry and/or sensitive skin.  I would be happy to use this on a baby as well as adults. This soap blends oils (palm, coconut and oil) and  manuka honey and includes no harsh chemicals, colours or fragrances. Manuka honey is know for its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities and yet it is super softening. The soap itself is not strong smelling and is a good size. It developed into a rich creamy lather even though it contains no SLS.

One of my annoyances with gentle soaps is that some of them don’t feel like they actually clean. This is not the case with Graham’s Natural soap. My skin felt clean but not in a drying way. I tried the soap on my eczema prone daughter and it had a similar non-drying result on her too. The soap also did not leave marks on the side of the skin or bath like many others do.

I really liked this soap. It seems that it will last quite well. The lather is great (we have Scottish water but presuming it will have similar lathering qualities everywhere else).  I love the fact this product range started with a dad trying to find a natural alternative, gave it away for free for a couple of years and has now grown into a thriving worldwide brand. I would recommend this soap without fail.


Ingredients:  Elaeis guineensis oil, aqua, cocos nucifera oil, sodium hydroxide, olea europaea oil, mel, melia azadirachta leaf.

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